High Stakes Choices for the Young

the first 10 years of work are critical for the individual, and the country The last few months of any year are often fraught for families whose young people are in transition – to work, training, tertiary education, or moving … Read More

Future proof your Career NZ Herald January 2014

Writers at the turn of the century predicted a new career in which our future security would be dependent on developing key characteristics, specifically employability and resilience. They are still right. Employability has evolved to encompass a range of 21st … Read More

Your Thinking, Your Guide

Part of our job as career practitioners is to be career educators in 21st century knowledge, and offer the strategies that bring new powerful thinking to young and old. With success in 21st century careers depending on changing our thinking, … Read More

Options – Older workers best friend

Sorry, but the careers literature starts to define you as an older worker around the age of 45 years – but in some ways it’s a bonus because it’s a strong message that it’s time to rethink and revision your … Read More

New Ventures

A new book demands a new updated website, and of course a blog. Partly to respond to questions and requests for information from those in the careers industry, from parents and others interested in the world of careers. This will make it simpler. A … Read More

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