“My son (20) took the program (Choices) away and did it by himself, he was very happy with the outcome, and it gave him the direction he needed to enrol at university this year.”

Tish, (parent) Hastings

Allow yourself to dream – nobody ever got to the career they really wanted without dreaming

Heather Carpenter

Interest = motivation = achievement = success. It all starts with interest.

Heather Carpenter

Take the time to understand yourself, your talents and your real career assets

Heather Carpenter

You do best when you trust your inner compass and recognise the directions that are right for you

Heather Carpenter

Inspiration is what motivates and energises us, and we get it from ideas that make us feel alive and see ourselves and our future in a new way.


Heather Carpenter

‘I have used Heathers CHOICES program for some time now. I use it with clients across many age and stages, teens and adults. I find it useful as it provides a base for further discussions, new ideas and elimination of career choices. It works well alongside other career tolls. An excellent product.’

Allison Fisher, Career & Life Coaching.

“We are great fans of your Choices assessment tool- its quick and helps to create dialogue with young people around broad areas rather than focusing too quickly on job titles.”

Kate, Careers Adviser, Auckland

“Students enjoyed this programme as to them it was ‘short and sweet’ 10-20 mins and to the point… They liked the programme ‘as it was visual, practical and fun and it made you think hard about what you liked’…Students also mentioned they would do it again in the future ‘as it doesn’t take long and we might change our minds as we get older’”

Lusi – West Auckland

“I used Choices with young athletes…they like it because it is simple, quick and easy to do, and provides instant results that can be discussed with parents or career counsellors.”

Glenys, Auckland NZ

“My son is 15, in high school, and he loved the program. We used it to talk about subjects to choose for next year. He brought home some mates the next day and they all worked through it.”

Gaye, (parent) Auckland

Good choices bring about better chances, and these produce the best career opportunities.

Heather Carpenter