Workshop Presenter: Dr Heather Carpenter

Are you familiar with the Self Directed Search? Holland’s personality typology has been used world wide for over 40 years, and John Holland is considered a pioneer in the field of interpretive self-assessment.

Used effectively, it is a simple and powerful identity tool that helps students and clients understand their attractions, orientations and life themes. The workshop which would certify you to use the SDS assessments is very practical and offers best practice ideas when using the tool. It integrates the following:

  • An introduction to tests and inventories: history, issues, bias
  • The theoretical basis of the SDS, reliability, validity, consistency, differentiation and congruence
  • Development and use of the SDS, and interpretive strategies, including more modern approaches and life themes, use with groups
  • Positive attributes of the SDS including self direction, simplicity, scientific basis
  • Criticisms, including Holland’s answer to his type theory being characterised under the “inaccurate label of trait and factor theory”. Why did it get such bad press? Understand the context of the criticism, and the ways we move beyond fixed thinking in career development approaches to using an extremely helpful tool in useful and new ways

Participants will undertake the assessment in the workshop and utilise theirs and others results to gain a full understanding of aspects of the SDS.

Eligibility: Open to all those working in the field of careers; no qualification is required.

Certification: Participants will receive certification from NZCER to acknowledge their ability to use this assessment. The workshop is also relevant to those with NZCER registration, but who are new to the SDS.

Workshop Fee, including certification: $200.00+GST.  Please contact us to register