Career Management Guide
The Career Management Guide – Taking Charge

Many young people fail to understand that employment involves a contract for behaviours as well as performance.

Use this resource to help them realise there is a Professional YOU and a Casual You, a productive you and a social you. They don’t both come to work.

The Career Management GuideTaking Charge provides strategies for developing the key skills of employability and self-management..

  • Self-Management – helps young people succeed in the transition to higher study and the workplace, with ways to self-manage study and monitor their progress.
  • Project Manage Your Study introduces the workplace concept and skills of  Project Management as a means of encouraging students to organise themselves and their study in a new and relevant framework, with the motivating factor of learning a future skill.
  • Understand Employability is a section that encourages self-assessment of baseline workplace starter skills as well as more complex employability skills.
  • Knowledge of the Professional YOU is required across all age groups as employers make it clear that they want young people to know what workplace behaviour to a high standard means.
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