Hands On and highly skilled
Hands On (and Highly Skilled)

Use this attractive and visual program to help your students or your children to decide which trade or hands on occupation may suit them.

A visually engaging tool, it is both educative and reflective. It provides a framework against which young people can easily assess their interests and motivations.

With this tool students will be able to;

  • Differentiate between trades or job areas;
  • Produce a personal interest report with links to further information on ITO websites and careers services.
  • Relate their choices to vocational pathways.
  • Assess themselves against descriptions related to each job/trade.
Hands On can be a companion tool to Choices.  Designed to engage and educate the user on a range of technical and trades work so that decision-making is easier, and likely to be a better ‘fit’.
This is a downloadable product available immediately after purchase.

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