Becoming a Competent Learner and Career Manager
Student Self-Management Sheets
For success in post school opportunities, students need to lift their competencies and skills – they are making the transition to become adult self directed learners, and they need help to know what is expected of them. This resource is designed to:
  • assist your senior students to develop the skills for their next learning step, and provide an ongoing reminder of what they must master
  • educate them about career management skills and strategies for 21st century work
  • record their progress on key decision-making area

These summary sheets are most suitable for those students who are in their final years of secondary school, and who are going on to tertiary education and training. Their next step is to become adult self directed learners, and the skills – and language – of the document prepares them for this.

This is a 4 page, A3 sized resource in full colour, which is visually attractive and engaging.  Why pen and paper? For easy access, for you, other teachers, and the student.

  • page 1 provides self rating columns for self-managed study and career decision-making skills (promoting skills of monitoring progress);
  • page 2 provides a reflective exercise on Self, Skills and Possibilities (promoting skills of analysing and reflecting);
  • page 3 provides a record of progress in career decision-making areas (promoting skills of exploring and researching);
  • page 4 gives information on building assets for a 21st century career (promoting skills of managing and strategising).
This is a downloadable product available immediately after purchase.

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