I Can Cards

These I Can cards are designed to strengthen career identity in young people who do not think they have any skills. They encourage skills conversations with students at risk – often young men – who are least likely to be able to talk about their dreams or name their skills. If they can’t name their skills they don’t think they have any!

These starter I Can cards describe the skills of a particular activity, and match associated qualities and learning skills required by the activity.

Use for one-to-one conversations, or group work around skills; to reinforce and validate existing skill development, what they already know how to do.

Use as posters, and encourage students/ groups to make their own around the activities they love.

This set is for the activities of Skateboarding, Surfing, Music and Mechanics.



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A visually engaging computer program, it is proving useful and effective with people from a wide range of ages and cultures. The program takes 10-20 minutes to complete. Instructions for use are provided.

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