Heather Carpenter’s book brings together world class research and practical experience to offer valuable insights into this critical part of everyone’s life.


Paul Dalziel - Professor of Economics, Lincoln University

‘Your 21st century career ‘ is a concise, clear, readable guide and resource for everyone: students, parents, twenty-somethings,  mid-life career changers, and career practitioners. It is everyone’s go-to must-read book for confidently and effectively managing the challenging world of work and careers….

Wendy - Careers Practitioner, Auckland

I love so many parts of it…I like accumulating my career capital and my psychological capital.

Kathy - Careers Specialist, Christchurch.

Your book “Your 21st Century Career” has been the boost in the midst of mid-winter malaise that I needed. I have particularly enjoyed the career capital exercises. I have been sharing concepts from the book with both staff and my grown-up family….


Geoff - Career Practitioner, Gisborne.

The Career Maze: “A  great book for influencing all ‘us’ parents ………a fabulous and well needed focus.

Sharee - Parent, Dunedin

The Career Maze: “It was great to have your book to recommend to parents. It is so easy to read with good practical advice.”


Denise - Careers Consultant, Otago.

The Career Maze: You have brought together a wealth of sensible advice, supported by robust research, which will be really useful for parents and anyone working with young people thinking about career options.


David - Vocational Consultant.

The central themes of innovative learner centred learning and flexible facilitation are explored in depth and brought to life through utterly convincing learner testimony. This book provides an engaging, informative and inspirational insight into learning for the  21st century.

Jonathan Garnett - Emeritus Professor Middlesex University